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Experience the difference with our unique FDA approved dH3+, dH5+, and dH7+ formulations, each designed to address your hair growth concerns and help you get thicker, fuller hair back.

Everything You Need for Thicker, Fuller Hairs—in One Serum

Our formulations delivers what your hair truly needs for thickness and fullness, without any unnecessary extras. We focus on essential, effective ingredients that support hair growth and reduce hair fall, keeping our formula straightforward and powerful. With us, you get a no-nonsense approach to healthier, fuller hair.

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Three Supercharged Formulations

We made three supercharged formulations with leading industry experts to tackle your hair growth concerns.

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Proven Excellence: Independent Trial Outcome

  • The trial was conducted on a 29 year old male with hair thinning and hair fall concerns and was subjected to using the dh5+ Hair Growth Serum consistently twice a day.

  • Healthier and thicker hairs were visible on day 80+ improving volume to overall scalp.

Ingredients Clinically Proven to Perform.

Worthy Essentials Care Co. and its products are backed by science and state-of-the-art actives that works. We used proven award-winning, & patented ingredients.

It contains the best of science, Redensyl is the newest breakthrough as clinical results showed upto 85 percent of the participants had visibly thicker hair and reduced hair loss.

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Why Worthy Essential’s Hair Growth Serum?

Its not just better, its different. We've spend 2 years fine tuning the formulation to make it effective and deliver results.

  • Proprietory & Science-backed Formula
  • Much less then what you’d pay for hair transplant or other treatments
  • We’ve added proven world-class ingredients for maximum efficiency

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Frequently Asked Questions

Does Worthy Essentials Co. Hair Growth Serum Actually Work?

Our serum is designed to stimulate hair growth by activating the hair follicles. It is effective in areas where hair follicles are present. However, for areas of complete baldness without any hair follicles, no hair growth serum can show results. While individual results may vary, a majority of our users experience significant improvements, with many results that exceed their expectations. The continued repurchase of our product by satisfied customers serves as a testament to the dH5+ formula's effectiveness.

How Soon Can I Expect to See Results?

From the feedback from our customers, you must notice reduction in hair fall as the serum strengthens the follicles, Visible improvements can generally be observed within 3 to 6 months of consistent use, applying the serum 1-2 times daily. However, results can vary from person to person as it also depends upon which stage of hair growth you are in.

What Makes Worthy Essentials Co. Hair Growth Serum Different from Others?

What makes Worthy Essentials Co. unique is our proprietary dH5+ formulation. It's a powerful blend that you'll only find with Worthy Essentials Co.

We've packed it with great ingredients like Redensyl, Aminexil, Procapil, seaweed, Saw Palmetto, and minerals from the Dead Sea, and more. All these ingredients work together to help your hair grow back, make it stronger, and reduce hair fall. This makes our serum different and more effective than others you might find. Experience it yourself.

Can I Use This Serum With Other Hair Growth Products?

Yes, you are free to use other hair growth products alongside our serum without worrying about adverse effects. However, you might find that additional products become unnecessary, as our potent formula dH5+ is designed to sufficiently support hair regrowth and strength.

Does the Serum Contain Minoxidil?

No, our serum is formulated without minoxidil.

Will I Experience Hair Loss If I Stop Using the Serum?

Stopping the use of our serum will not cause any reverse effects, but you may notice that your hair's growth cycle returns to its natural state, potentially reversing some of the progress made. While it's safe to discontinue use, we recommend ongoing application to maintain your hair's improved density and health. Consider going with dH3+ Formulation designed for the same.

How Long Does One Bottle Last?

A 50 ml bottle is typically sufficient for 25 to 30 days of use, depending on the application area's size. Usage may vary slightly based on individual needs.

Is This Serum Suitable for All Hair Types?

Absolutely. Our serum has been proven effective across a diverse range of hair textures, with many customers reporting excellent results.

When Should I begin using the Hair Growth Serum?

The best time to start is now. The scalp ages six times faster than the rest of your skin, making early action crucial. Our serum is formulated to help with nourishment for thinning and dormant hair. For areas of complete baldness, regrowth may not be possible with ANY serum in the market, but if hair follicles are still present, you could see benefits from using the serum.

What Payment Methods Are Accepted?

Orders can be placed with various major cards(Visa, Master, Amex, etc) or through Cash on Delivery (COD) for your convenience.

Can I Use the Serum With a Derma Roller?

Yes, our serum can be applied following a light session with a 0.5mm derma roller, either immediately before or after serum application. Ensure the derma roller is used gently to avoid irritation.