Here are 6 haircare myths you shouldn't believe

by Nikita P on Jan 23, 2023

Many hair care myths have been passed on from grandmothers to mothers to daughters. Without rethinking, you make bad hair choices for your beautiful locks which only give you the opposite of what you would have expected.

If you are trapped in a dilemma after hearing and knowing so many hair care myths floating everywhere. Put your worries aside, we won't let you give up on your dreams of having healthy and lustrous hair. From hair facts and myths, we have extracted the right hair care knowledge for you.


  • Every wash does not require a conditioner.

  • Masks instead of conditioners make hair more supple.

  • Make sure you change your hair care products frequently.

  • A Hair's Texture cannot be changed.

  • Regular trimming promotes hair growth.

  • Dry scalp is a sign of dandruff.

1. Every wash does not require a conditioner.

There is a common myth about conditioners that they weigh your hair down. Another myth states you don't have to condition your hair if your hair is silky.

Fact :

Conditioning after shampoo is essential for preventing frizz, keeping your hair soft, and preventing dryness. The shampoo contains surfactants, which steal your hair's natural oils while removing dirt and oil.

The conditioner not only moisturizes your hair strands but also protects them by building a protective layer around them.


2. Masks make hair more supple when applied instead of conditioner.

You might hear or believe that a hair mask substitutes for a hair conditioner.


The conditioner works best for detangling hair and leaving it manageable, silky, and shiny daily. Masks are beneficial, but they should only be used once a week, like a hair treatment.


3. Make sure you change your hair care products frequently.

Changing your hair care products every month prevents your hair from getting used to the product. Most of us think that this is necessary to ensure that hair doesn't become used to the products.


When hair care products are formulated with natural ingredients and bioactive compounds, they will gradually show results. you can continue utilizing them for a longer period if they are free of strong ingredients like sulfates.

We offer a wide variety of hair care products that are 100% cruelty-free and paraben-free.


4. A Hair's Texture cannot be changed.

The most common myth about hair is that you can't change your hair texture. It doesn't matter whether you have smooth, straight, or wavy hair, you can change its texture at any time.


While genetics play a key role in determining your hair type, it is also determined by many other factors, such as your hair care habits, harsh weather conditions, chemical treatments for hair, and your hairstyle.

5. Regular trimming promotes hair growth.

Your hair grows from the roots, not from the ends. Trimming does not have any direct effect on your hair growth.


Still, regular trims are a good thing that makes your hair more manageable and less prone to breakage, this ultimately leads to healthy and strong hair. When you cut or trim your hair regularly, it prevents split ends, removes frizziness, and makes your tangle-free.

6. Dry scalp is a sign of dandruff.

There is a very common misconception that dandruff only appears on dry scalps. It is more likely to appear on oily scalps.


When you have an oily scalp, a fungus called Malassezia globosa is considered the main cause of dandruff. This fungus feeds on excess scalp sebum and oils which leads to scalp inflammation along with yellow and oily flakes. Additionally, instead of regular shampoos, you should opt for only anti-dandruff shampoos and anti-dandruff lotions to get rid of dandruff and soothe your scalp.

To Conclude!

There's nothing better than a good hair day--but getting healthy, shiny, and long strands don't come easy.

Having dry, dull, breakage, frizzy, or thinning hair can make it more prone to damage. Understanding your hair type, problems, and the right treatment can help you achieve healthy hair.