Treatments for Winter Hair Problems

A winter season can feel so cozy – cold outside, warm inside…

When we lack humidity and the temperature fluctuates, our hair becomes dry, frizzy, and unmanageable. When we detangle dry hair, it leads to hair fall, further reducing our hair volume.

Frizziness, hair fall, and dry & itchy scalp. It seems too much at a time. Dryness on the scalp and hair invites so many hair concerns. 

This article explains how to keep hair hydrated and healthy during cold weather.

Hacks and Tips:-

  • Shampoo with a mild formula
  • Use a conditioner to moisturize
  • Avoid heat styling
  • Oil treatments can help you stay hydrated
  • Don’t overclean your scalp

How to nourish dry hair this winter in 5 easy steps:-

1. Shampoo with a mild formula:-

Any hair care routine begins with cleansing your scalp and hair, no matter what your hair type is or what concerns you may have. Seasonal hair damage is comparatively more likely to occur during peak seasons, according to many trichologists.

As a result, some extra precautions and measures are required. Using a mild shampoo in your hair care routine will help remove dirt and debris from your hair without damaging them. Additionally, if you are experiencing excessive hair loss and damaged manes, look for shampoos with key ingredients such as Indian Cress and Vitamin B3.

The combination of these dynamic ingredients strengthens hair roots, combats hair loss, and ensures integral hair health.

2. Use a conditioner to moisturize


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